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Frequently asked questions..

Can I use Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy as my primary form of therapy to treat my Trauma and/or mental/emotional health challenge?



This is something that can be addressed and assessed together in our initial consultation. There are benefits in using it both as a stand-alone, or as an adjunct therapy to another treatment. Ultimately it will depend on you; where you are coming from, how much therapy you've had in the past, where you are at currently, and what your future goals are.


What should I expect in a Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy session? What does a typical session look like?


When a person decides to initiate a session we will first have a 75 minute intake together. This allows us to get to know each other, for you to see if you feel comfortable working with me, and if this type of therapy is something you would like to invest your time and energy in.

Once the treatment plan is established in this first consultation, the frequency of sessions is agreed upon and sessions are scheduled.

From this point, therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes and will most likely include the following components:​

A typical session might include all or some of the below techniques:

  • Meditation (Focused centering)

  • Pranayam (breath work)

  • Asana (movement)

  • Restorative yoga/relaxation

  • Journaling/expressive arts 

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Do i need prior yoga/movement experience in order to try this?

Clients do not need to have any yoga and/or movement experience prior to starting a Yoga-based body psychotherapy session.  We start where you are at, and where your body is at and you will be surprised to see how quickly progress is made.

Do I need to be physically fit to try Yoga-based body psychotherapy?

What if I have a health challenge?

Yoga is for every type of person, age body condition etc. Anyone can do this type of therapy I provide multiple and various modifications  to fit your individual needs so that you are always comfortable and can glean the benefits of the yoga piece in this treatment model. The basic premise is, we always start where you are, and where your body is at! 

If you have a serious health challenge, a written consent from your doctor may be requested prior to beginning sessions.


What do I need to wear/Bring to sessions?

It is recommended to wear loose comfortable clothing and be barefoot so you can feel the ground and move around freely. Just bring yourself and be comfortable! 

How is Yoga -Based Body Psychotherapy different than taking a one-on-one  private or group yoga class?

You will always be in control throughout the session even though I provide guidance throughout.

If ever you are experiencing anything uncomfortable in one of the asanas/movements, breathing exercises etc. you can come out of it immediately! If so desired, I will provide modifications or alternatives.

This is a collaborative type of therapy. Meaning we are always working together. I work with you and adapt sessions to fit your unique needs so that together we create sessions that meet your comfort level AT ALL TIMES.

Due to the one-on-one nature of the therapy I have the luxury to create the session according to your preferences/mood in music, sensory experience, speed, types/styles of yoga practices etc.

What if I am uncomfortable and don’t like something?

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