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45 minute weekly psychotherapy  sessions. Option to include Yoga based practices

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6 week privateTrauma informed yoga Series

Feeling like you want to add a yoga practice to help regulate your nervous system? This is a 6 week individualized program where you will learn various yoga/somatic practices to develop more connection to your body and interoceptive awareness. The beauty of this program is individual so everything is catered to what comes up within you.If you are currently in therapy and feel adding a "body" component will be helpful to your healing process this program may be for you.. Call for a free consultation to find out if this is a right fit

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This is a 6-8 week online Trauma Informed Yoga Group therapy program. It is a combination of Yoga/somatic practices and psychotherapy inquiry within a closed small group that helps facilitate healing to another level. If you are a mental health clinic or trauma based center this program may be for you. Call for further inquiry!


6 week Group Trauma Informed Yoga Series online

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Psychedelic Psychotherapy Integration 

Currently offering Prep and Post integration psychedelic psychotherapy sessions.


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