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Authentic roots

Authentic Roots is a unique approach. It is a  sweet blend & marriage between the best of both Western and Eastern practices. In a given session I draw from a variety of evidence -based psychotherapeutic techniques and harmonize them with Eastern healing modalities of Yoga.

Through the integration of Meditation/Mindfulness (mind- focus), Pranayam (breath work),  and Asana (movement), healing is facilitated which results in deeper processing than talk therapy alone. 

My passion at Authentic Roots is to give the gift of finding your breath; to experience inner peace, joy, freedom, and relief within the self and body despite whatever pain/struggles you are currently dealing with. I hope to provide a safe, comfortable, and grounded space for an ultimate therapeutic healing experience. Life brings with it a lot of challenges, and my goal is to help support  and empower you on your specific healing journey, collaborating to meet your individual goals and access your authentic roots. 

Authentic Roots is a focused approach of addressing the root cause of your pain. This is not a superficial "quick fix." Although some might experience "symptom pain relief" and changes immediately within the first couple of sessions, it is really through the continuous integration of yoga practices and psychotherapy that we slowly peel the layers for deeper healing experiences. The results are long lasting and real transformations take place for complete wholeness within the self.

To understand more about Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy and its benefits please read on Here.

At Authentic Roots I start with the yogic premise that you are already whole, not someone or something that is "broken" or limited by a "medical diagnosis". I take a positive approach to help one discover your unique strengths and do my best to bring the wisdom of yoga off the mat so that you can walk away with practical life skills in your daily lives.

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