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  • TRAUMA RELIEF: Yoga- based body psychotherapy is an effective way to treat and help facilitate Trauma Recovery. Trauma is known to be stored in the body. Therefore, this body-centered approach can directly reach the source and root of the Trauma. For more questions/information specifically about trauma, please read here:

  • STRESS REDUCTION/RELAXATION: There are many Yogic breath techniques, movements, and mindful exercises to help release stress and stored up emotions in the body.

  • GROUNDING/CENTERING: Due to the physical and embodied element of this type of therapy it has the potential to create a grounded, safe, and supportive environment to those that need this with their therapeutic healing.

  • ​​​PHYSICAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Yoga-based body psychotherapy has the added advantage of activating the physical realm. Your body can access greater health benefits that compliment the emotional process than traditional talk therapies alone. (for more info about the physical health benefits of yoga click here )

  • ​​UNIQUE APPROACH: It is creative and fun, and might be that "different" thing that you need!

  • AUTHENTIC SELF EXPRESSION: Since we start with the body it "bypasses" the brain/mind so there are less blockages and  there is easier access to the authentic root or self.

Many people are uncomfortable and have difficulty with a body-centered therapeutic approach. For those that it does work for, it works beautifully. In my experience, if you are debating whether or not to implement this unique therapy, yet you feel a "pull" to it, I would suggest trying a couple of sessions and you will know pretty quickly if this is for you or not. Clients usually know within the first few sessions if this is something they will like/benefit from. Trust your intuition!

For more  research and information on the benefits of yoga and body-centered approaches to healing please take a look at the Resources/Articles section on this website where you will find valuable information.

For additional questions please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the FAQ  page.  There you will find the most frequently asked questions.


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